Anything That Moves

“A delightful, entertaining and very contemporary show… Anything That Moves is a real treat, both musically and theatrically…” Toronto Sun

Anything That Moves is a musical set in a busy urban centre in the here-and-now. Joel is a florist and hapless romantic who has been unable to surface from a depression that set in when his mother died. Tyrone is his pragmatic – even cynical – best friend, for whom all’s fair in love and war and business and sex. His efforts to help Joel rejoin the land of living result in a series of mistaken sexual identities and hidden agendas when Jinny enters the scene. Jinny is a scientist and serial monogamist who has taken a vow of celibacy. Her mother, Fleur, is a zealous sober alcoholic and red-hot “menopausal mamma”. Add a lesbian undertaker from Chatham to the mix along with a long-lost father and the possibilities are as madcap as they are poignant. Music by Allen Cole lifts the story into the sublime and ridiculous reaches of romantic comedy. Anything That Moves has been described as “a queer Cosi fan tutte for our times.”

“I can now drop the guard: [Anything That Moves] is the best [new Canadian musical]” The National Post

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