Cloud 9 song

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Song “Cloud 9” from the Mirvish Production of Caryl Churchill’s play Cloud 9. Original music by Paul Sportelli, lead vocal by Ben Carlson. Also featuring Evan Buliung, Megan Follows, David Jansen, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Yanna McIntosh, Blair Williams. Directed by Alisa Palmer.

Some Stories


“There are some stories you can’t hear enough. They are the same every time you hear them. But you are not. That’s one reliable way of understanding time.”

Alone In the Universe


 “We should never assume we’re alone in the universe.”

[Martha Ross, Leah Cherniak, Ann-Marie MacDonald,
photograph by Cylla von Tiedemann]

Childhood Torture Chamber


“My whole childhood was one long torture chamber.”

[Leah Cherniak, Martha Ross, Ann-Marie MacDonald,
photograph by Cylla von Tiedemann]

Nancy Drew Revisioned


In Chapter Three we met Nancy’s swell dad, Carson Drew,
who encouraged her to get married and enter therapy…uh oh!



O, Othello! O, Tragic Man!

[as seen on a Canadian Stage, in 2001]