Nancy Drew Revisioned


In Chapter Three we met Nancy’s swell dad, Carson Drew,
who encouraged her to get married and enter therapy…uh oh!

There is a breeze


“There is a breeze. Caressing the long grass; rippling the leaves in the elm high above, where two or three crows dot the new foliage; lifting the yellow ringlets of the girl to his right. Marjorie. Kissing the curls of the girl to his left. Grace. Playing at the hems of their dresses, their innocent white knees. Mr. March is standing between them in his big grey suit.”
— The Way the Crow Flies

Notebook #2

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“She wonders when it was that she began to despair. All these years she mistook it for pious resignation. Now she sees the difference. Such a fine line between a state of grace and a state of mortal sin. What is the good of believing fervently in God if you wind up hating Him?”
— Fall on Your Knees



“Memory plays tricks. Memory is another word for story, and nothing is more unreliable.”
― Fall on Your Knees